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Questions and Answers

This document contains various questions and answers that we hope will help you as you prepare for the season. If you have any other questions that are not covered here, please send an email to the President and he will try to get the answers for you.

President: oulongo@comcast.net - Vice President: Kelly Vanti <klnconstruction@gmail.com>,

1. When does the season start?
This date is determined by the State and is tentatively set for late August. The 1st day of Practice is the end of July.

2. How are Football Players assigned to teams?
The Pelham Razorbacks belong to the NHYFSC – The New Hampshire Youth Football and Spirit Conference of AYF – American Youth Football. The NHYFSC uses a grade based system to determine teams. Kids play on a team based on their grade. The current teams offered are U10 - U14 for children grades 1 through 8. If a team is not offered at their grade level, children will play at the next grade level up.

3. How often does Football practices?
For the first month (during August and prior to Labor Day), practices are Monday-Thursday for a total of 10 hours per week of practice. After Labor Day, coaches will decide the practice schedule for their team, which may include Friday nights and/or Saturday mornings. Games are generally on Sundays with occasional Saturday night games during the season.

4. When are games scheduled?
The tentative first game of the season will be at the end of August, and will continue for a total of 8 games scheduled skipping Labor Day weekend. For the past 10 years there has not been any games scheduled on Labor Day weekend. We also schedule some games on Saturday nights. This will not be determined until the game schedule is released sometime at the end of August.

5. Where are games played?
All home games are played at Muldoon Park. Away games can be scheduled throughout the state of NH with various other AYF programs within the NHYFSC.

6. How often do competing Cheerleading Teams practice?
The competing cheerleading teams will practice 4 times a week until the 1st game. After the 1st game they will practice 3 times per week.

7. How often does the U8 (Mitey-Mite) Cheerleading Team practice?
They usually practice twice a week, and their practices are usually two hours or less.

8. When are Cheerleading practices?
The Cheerleading coaches will set the schedule in August, and share it with the team's parents. Once the teams move practices indoors, our schedule is based on the space availability.

9. What other uniform items are needed, which are not covered by registration fee?
Football Players: You need to purchase cleats, socks and practice shirts.  You may also need to purchase game shirts.
Cheerleaders: You need to purchase sneakers, body suit (i.e. crop top) and socks as these are personal items that you keep at the end of the year. We will arrange a fitting night in June at which time all items may be ordered.

10. How are Cheerleaders assigned to cheer teams?
The AYC determines the divisions for the year. Please refer to the "Cheer Requirements" page on our website for the age brackets for the current season. There are no try-outs or cuts. The roster is filled on a first-come basis with returning cheerleaders having the first opportunity to register in February. We may roster up to 36 girls on each team.

11. Which football team will the cheerleading team cheer for?
This will depend on which cheer squads we form. We generally match up the squads to follow like-aged football teams. The cheer teams are expected to cheer for 8 regular season games and will follow their assigned football teams throughout the playoffs. If there are fewer cheer squads than football teams, they will alternate between 2 teams of their age bracket.

12. In which competitions do the cheerleading teams compete?
All cheer teams usually participate in the Season Premiere Competition and the State Championships. The Cheer Director and coaches may decide to have the teams participate in other local competitions. The competition-level teams (not Mitey Mites) may advance to the New England Regionals which is usually held in late November. If a team does qualify at Regionals, they may advance to Nationals which are held in Florida in December.

13. Are there any fundraising events?
We have one required fundraiser, in which each family is required to participate in. This fundraiser is the Calendar Raffle; it is a 30 day raffle in which both the winner and seller receive cash prizes. This is the only required fundraiser and each family must purchase the 5 $10 tickets before a uniform is distributed. It is then up to you whether you sell the tickets for $10 each and keep the money, or just write your name on all 5 tickets. We also have other fundraising events which you may participate in, but are not required to.  It is completely up to you.

14. How do I contact Board Members if I have any questions?
All members can find contact information of the Board of Directors on our website under the Board of Directors menu selection located on the left-hand side of the home page.

15. Is there an Awards Banquet?
At the end of the season there is an Awards Banquet for both the Cheerleading and Football participants along with their families. The banquet is not a fundraising event; parents, players and cheerleaders attending banquet must purchase a ticket. This banquet is a formal event held at Harris Pelham Inn over three different nights. Tickets usually go on sale during the month of October, and the banquet is held in November.

16. What are my responsibilities as a Parent or Guardian?
Provide or arrange transportation to and from practices, games and competitions. Provide a drink for games and practices. Volunteer for games as needed to include staffing snack shack, providing oranges, food donations, announcing games, chain crews and game field set-up and breakdown. We will also provide a parent code of conduct at the beginning of the season that sets other expectations.